When in Doubt, Sit it Out

Fla. Keys Race
Getty Images

High school football coaches across the state should have more on their minds than just the first game of the season. There is a new state law that will force coaches to pay closer attention to concussions.

The law known as, “When in Doubt, Sit it Out” is aimed to protect players from head injuries. Coaches will be mandated by the state to take yearly courses about concussions.

“The entire understanding of what to look for, how to react, and what we should do with the student athlete if there is such a case,” explained Bristol Central High School coach Sal Cintorino who completed the course.

Coaches must also follow strict guidelines for players who may have, or have suffered a concussion. Players will not be allowed to return to action until they are given clearance from a doctor.

“A lot of the time the mentality of the football player student athlete is going to be I can work through this,” said Cintorino. “That’s certainly not what we want them to do.”

Those who fail to adhere to the law could lose their coaching permit.

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