When Ladybugs Attack

If you’ve seen ladybugs crawling all over the place, you’re not alone.

The little crawlers -- also called Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle -- are out in force because the Nor’easter forced them, like the rest of us, indoors, according to the state entomologist.

Then, the sun came and the bugs came out, looking for a place to winter. Miami anyone?

In the meantime, they are apparently popping up everywhere, especially light-colored houses, the entomologist said. Not that Google and Twitter are scientific tools, but people from all over are posting about swarms and infestations of the bugs, so it seems Connecticut is not the only ladybug-central.

If they are creeping up on your home, don’t worry because they aren’t dangerous. In the summer, they eat insects on trees, actually protecting them, so you don’t need to kill them.

To fight back so they don't make themselves comfortable in your living room, however, grab the caulking gun and seal away.

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