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Wind Causes Tree to Fall on Morris Cove Home

A neighbor's doorbell camera captured the moments before and after tree fell on a New Haven home.

Kevin Hellyar

If you ask neighbors living in Morris Cove, they'll tell you it hasn’t been a snowy winter, but it’s been a windy one.

Kevin Hellyar’s ring video picked up on Mother Nature’s force Friday afternoon: the moments before and after a tree fell on his neighbor's home.

“That tree wasn’t dead. It was a healthy tree. The wind, it had to be 50-60 mph,” said Hellyar.

His doorbell camera caught footage of the seconds after his kids got home from school.

“I got home early for once. The wind was whipping, the house was shaking.”

Kevin Hellyar

He said one minute later, it started recording again for something unusual.

“A minute after they came in the door, we heard a big boom and this big evergreen landed on top of the house.”

Kevin Hellyar

The security video didn’t capture the tree falling, but you can see how tall it used to stand.

Hellyar says thankfully his neighbor wasn’t inside their home when it happened.

“A couple minutes later we were behind the house and we started hearing noise and it rolled off the back of the house, tore the corner of the house off. It was pretty wild.”

Kevin Hellyard

We’re told dead trees in their neighborhood have been taken down by the power company recently, but this one wasn’t on the chopping block.

The neighbor was not home for comment. Hellyar said the fire department would not let them stay inside overnight.

Wind advisories were in effect across the state Friday and damage has been reported in multiple towns.

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