Windsor Center Hopes Unique Gift Cards Drive Up Business

For those who love to shop local there’s a new way to support some businesses in Windsor Center.

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People can give others the recently introduced Windsor Center gift card which can be used to pay at about a dozen stores and restaurants in town.

“We were talking about how we could support small business and this was one way we could really do it,” said Jane Garibay, the executive director of First Town Downtown.

Garibay says the group launched the card a few months ago and in just one month 300 have been sold, adding up to more than $30,000.

It can be purchased online or at participating stores.

“We were surprised how many people jumped on board right away with it,” said Garibay.

Unlike a typical gift card that’s good at just one spot, people can use the Windsor Center card at a wide variety of places including for gifts, groceries and jewelry.

“It’s kind of a unique thing,” said Paula Pierce who handles communications for First Town Downtown.

Businesses including Union Street Tavern pay a small monthly fee to take part.

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“It’s been crazy. We’ve seen tons of gift cards especially during the holiday season,” said Leland Clark, general manager of Union Street Tavern.  “I think it’s just good for the town to get involved with something that will help everyone at some point or another, whether they use the gift card here or anywhere else.”

The hope is more stores will join.

First Town Downtown would also like big businesses or organizations to think about providing the cards as a gift to workers or customers.

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