Windsor Students Taught How Syrian Refugee Impacts

High school students at a CREC Academy School in Windsor are showing off two projects they've built aimed at helping Syrian refugee's in our state.

The 9th grade students were given an assignment after completing the immigration lesson in their U.S. History class and students had to create something that would impact Syrian refugees in Connecticut.

"I wanted to make sure they understood immigration from a different standpoint " said History Teacher Parag Bhuva.

One group created an adjusted Google Map which highlights mosques, restaurants and offices Syrian refugees could visit in Hartford.

"When we all started putting all these layers and points i realized this is going to benefit everybody," said student Ethan Goodman.

The second project is an app that helps refugee's understand American sayings.

"If I were to type 'blue' into this, you would see it automatically pops up, 'I'm feeling blue,' and 'I have the blues'. I can click on feeling blue it would give you a basic definition of feeling blue is basically feeling sad," said student Ben Keilty.

The students showed off their projects a room full of Syrian families. Student said the families enjoyed the projects.

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