Next Stop, Gas, Winery

Highway signs tell where the next rest stop is, the closest restaurants, gas station and hotels. Soon, they could also direct you to the closest local winery.

State Legislators will be deciding on a bill to require the Department of Transportation to post on all expressways “Farm Winery” logo signs that advertise farm wineries.

The bill requires the DOT commissioner to treat people applying for a sign indicating “Farm Winery” in the same way he treats other specific information sign owners.

This means the commissioner may issue a permit to put up the sign, but must receive either a bond or recognizance in an amount the commissioner specifies.

Like other specific information sign permittees, farm winery permittees must be reimbursed by subsequent permittees on the same sign. The cost to the DOT is between $17,000 and $20,000 to purchase and install each sign.

Connecticut has a wine trail with 19 vineyards. 

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