Winter Is Not Over, Forecast Reminds

Generic Shovels in Store

The threat of snow on Sunday reminds Connecticut that winter's not over yet.

"It's New England!," Curt Heinz declared as he steered a shopping cart full of lawn helper across a parking lot. "I hope my grandson will put it down tomorrow. He's coming in and I want to put him to work to make some money."

What happens if it snows on top of it?

"Well, I don't know. I don't think it'll hurt it," he said.

Sharon Lafargue is not sure now is the time to be loading bags of garden soil into her car if snow is on the way.

"I'm not too thrilled about that. I'm done shoveling for the year so I'm not really all that happy. I'm ready for the spring!" she said.

Cheryl Crickmore said, "It'll work out. We've had a great winter so I'm not complaining at all - very thankful."

Thankful too is the state department of transportation, if not the DOT plow drivers who haven't had near the overtime pay they had battling last winter's endless snowstorms.

"We set aside about $38 million for this winter season, so as it stands right now we've spent about $20 million of that," state Department of Transportation spokesman Kevin Nursick said. "We've got plenty of material so salt, liquid magnesium chloride, spare parts, fuel, et cetera we've got plenty of that."

He says the DOT plans for handling snow not just until the end of winter, but until the middle of April.

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