#WinterinHartford Snow Sculpture Content Supports Business and Creativity

snow sculpture in the shape of a squirrel
NBC Connecticut

The Hartford Chamber of Commerce’s snow sculpture contest is bringing out the creativity in residents of the city’s West End.

The Chamber called on people to use the abundance of snow the state has seen in recent weeks to make sculptures to be entered into a contest. In a push to support local restaurants in the pandemic, winners received gift cards to eateries in the city.

“I’m always trying to figure out ways we can merge the community business with our amazing residents here in Hartford,” said Shannon Mumley of the Chamber.

Snow sculptures like a polar bear, a big heart, a squirrel and more have all been built in recent days, posted online under #WinterInHartford.

Tim Sullivan is one of the winners. He made a Black Lives Matter fist and a replica of some Hartford landmarks.

“I was thinking about the fist and what it means and how important it is and I thought that would be a good one to try to do,” said Sullivan, who’s lived in Hartford his entire life.

“Over 300 likes on Facebook, lots of people walking up and down the street saying how much they enjoyed it. I’ll be out again next weekend doing something new,” said Sullivan.

Leaders say this icy competition actually brought out some of the best in the capital city and they’re hoping this is just the beginning of a special neighborhood tradition.

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