With Cinco De Mayo Only Days Away, One Popular Taco Location Forced to Downsize

The owner of Wallingford's Taco Pacifico sites labor shortage as a major obstacle facing his business.

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Tough news for Taco Tuesday. Taco Pacifico has been forced to temporarily shut down its take-out service.

Just before the pandemic hit, owner Greg Sharon renovated a building in Wallingford, turning it into a tortilleria. His vision was to churn out fresh, authentic corn tortillas and chips.

Now, two years after installing state of the art machinery, that has been barely used, Taco Pacifico has been forced to temporarily close its brick-and-mortar location and become solely a food truck operation.

“It’s a big blow to the ego, that’s for sure. And the bank account,” Sharon said.

A sign on the door Tuesday announces they’ll close the takeout restaurant and revert close to the way the business started, as a food truck.

“It has hurt. I haven’t thrown in the rag yet,” said Sharon. “I sort of have no other choice.”

Taco Pacifico started in 2010 as a taco cart at a car wash in Madison. It then grew to a trailer and a truck, to multiple trucks. At one point there were 18 employees. However, Sharon said he is now struggling to get employees and only has one other besides his two children and himself.

“I’m doing most of it myself. Washing dishes. Paying these old dues once again,” he explained. “It’s very humbling but it’s also exhausting. I’m 44, I don’t have the energy I had when I first started this.”

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Still, as warmer months approach, Sharon hopes to continue hosting mobile fiestas.

“I still love the business. I still love making tacos and making people happy,” Sharon said.

With Cinco De Mayo only a couple days away, Sharon has some bookings. However, he tells NBC Connecticut there is one slot available if anyone is interested in an authentic Taco Pacifico experience.

Taco Pacifico also says they hope to reopen takeout services in the fall.

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