Man Admitted to Stealing Chainsaws: Cops

Man walked into Wolcott store, grabbed two chainsaws, and ran off. police said.

Police arrested an Oakville man in connection with the theft of chainsaws from a Wolcott store.

Raymond Petro, 34, is the man captured by surveillance cameras at Wolcott Power Equipment on Wolcott Road, stealing two chainsaws from the store shelf, according to police.

He was arrested Wednesday after images from the surveillance cameras were shown on news broadcasts and social media.  Wolcott police received several tips identifying Petro as the man who committed the crime, police said.

According to police, Petro walked into the store around 2:20 p.m. on Monday, grabbed two Husqvarna chainsaws from a display and ran out the door.

"I figured he was the typical younger kid going to start a landscape business and was looking around to get prices," said store owner Jim Cosgrove.

He jumped into a waiting getaway car, which sped off, nearly hitting a tractor-trailer.

"He had the two chain saws under this arm, he flipped the door open and turned around and jumped into the car backward and his legs were hanging out," Cosgrove added.

Petro admitted to the thefts after his arrest, police said.  He told officers he sold the stolen merchandise to support his addiction.   Petro also confessed to committing larcenies in Rocky Hill and Newtown, according to police.

Petro is being held on $25,000 bond.

A female wearing a brown jacket was driving the getaway car.  Police did not say if they have identified the driver.

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