Wolcott Man Was Waiting for Gun Permit to Carry Out ‘Mass Shooting’: PD

A Wolcott man said he was waiting for his gun permit in order to carry out a "mass shooting", police said. 

Glenn Pelletier was arrested on Mother's Day after a woman called 911 and said the 34-year-old man had choked her until she blacked out, according to Wolcott Police. 

When police arrivednto Pelletier's home on Todd Hollow Road, they found the distraught woman with visible injuries. Pelletier threatened an officer and said "all of the people you care about are in jeopardy," police said. 

Pelletier smelled of alcohol and slurred his speech while cursing at officers. He was initally handcuffed for interfering with police and placed in the cruiser, where he looked for a way to escape by banging his head against the window, Wolcott Police said. 

During this time, Pelletier said he had applied for a gun permit and was going to carry out a mass shooting when he obtained it. However, Wolcott's police chief said Pelletier had submitted the permit application with the local police department and was denied the same day.

Several long guns were found properly secured in a locked cabinet in the bedroom of Pelletier's father, according to police.  Those guns have been turned over to Wolcott police during the investigation.

The victim underwent a CT scan at a hospital but the extent of her injuries is not clear, police said. 

Pelletier was charged with felony assault and strangulation. It is not clear what gun-related charges he faces. His bond was set at $75,000 Sunday but that increased to $95,000 by Judge Gerald Harmon. 

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