Wolcott Teen Now Selling T-Shirts With Anti-Gay Message

Seth Groody won the right to wear the shirt to school to express his beliefs.

A Wolcott High School student who won a battle to wear a shirt with an anti-gay message to school, is now selling similar shirts to his classmates.

Seth Groody became the focus of a battle over his right to wear a shirt bearing a rainbow with a red bar through it. He wore the shirt last year during a "Day of Silence" at Wolcott High School. It was part of a national event to bring awareness to the problem of bullying of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students in school.

School administrators made him change the shirt and threatened him with suspension. The American Civil Liberties Union stepped in and threatened to file a lawsuit on Groody's behalf. Earlier this month, the school decided to allow Groody to wear the shirt.

"I just don't approve of gay marriage, and that us what I was advocating on that day," Groody said. "I was expressing my views I was against that."

Groody has sold 12 shirts so far. He says he and his classmates plan on wearing them to school on April 19, the next national "Day of Silence."

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