Wolcott to Vote on Town Budget After Getting Word of Cuts

Town council members in Wolcott put off voting on the town budget because they were waiting to see what happened with the state budget, but they will vote this afternoon. 

The vote comes a day after Gov. Dannel Malloy proposed $20 million in cuts to cities and towns. 

He said the cuts are necessary because his criminal justice reform bill failed to pass in the House of Representatives and he has to come up with the money somehow. 

State Republicans are calling for a veto override of the governor’s proposal and said it will hurt people by raising property taxes and cutting services. 

Democrats, however, said the Republican budget was out of balance and avoided making tough cuts. 

The Republican-American reports that the Wolcott town council decided to cut $100,000 from the town budget and $150,000 from the school budget to help absorb the loss of nearly $500,000 they will be losing in state assistance.  

The town council will be meeting at 12:30 p.m.

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