Woman Accused of Arson By Fireworks Gets Suspended Sentence

A woman accused of using fireworks to burn down her Windham home for insurance has received a fully suspended prison sentence.

The Day of New London reports 48-year-old Julie Amero-Volle pleaded no contest to third-degree arson and pleaded guilty to making a false statement. She was sentenced on July 23 to eight years in prison, fully suspended, and five years' probation.

Her attorney, Norman Pattis, said Amero-Volle didn't set the 2013 fire.

Prosecutors said she was on a heroin binge and staged a burglary, then set the house ablaze with the fireworks.

Amero-Volle, then a substitute teacher, drew attention in 2006 when she was accused of exposing seventh-graders to pornography.

Her conviction of risk of injury to a minor was thrown out, and she later pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and gave up her teaching license.

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