Woman Accused of Threatening Newtown-Style Shooting at Community College

Amanda Bowden was arrested by the FBI Tuesday.

The FBI has arrested an East Haven woman accused of threatening to carry out a mass shooting at Gateway Community College in New Haven.

Amanda Bowden, 19, of East Haven, was taken into custody Tuesday.

Bowden is accused of threatening to commit a Newtown-style mass shooting at the community college.

"As alleged, this defendent made a series of threats that described in great detail her intention to carry out a suicidal mass murder at a community college in New Haven," said U.S. Attorney David Fein.

According to federal authorities, Bowden made several threats by text message with a witness cooperating with investigators between Feb. 4 and Feb 16.  She also had text message and verbal conversations with an undercover officer, discussing her plans to commit a mass shooting and bombing at Gateway, authorities said.

Bowden claimed to have guns and claimed that she had constructed at least two napalm-based bombs at her home in East Haven, according to Fein.

The FBI and New Haven police chief Dean Esserman notified Gateway Community College President Dorsey Kendrick about the threats on Feb. 5, according to a school spokesperson.

"Chief Esserman and GCC security had been contacted by the FBI, and were told that there was no imminent danger as a result of the post, but an investigation was underway," said Evelyn Gard.  "The chief requested that Dr. Kendrick and GCC security keep the matter confidential until the investigation was complete."

Bowden was arrested on state charges Tuesday.  Federal agents searched Bowden's home in East Haven after her arrest and did not find any firearms or explosives, according to authorities.

Bowden appeared in Milford Superior Court on state threatening charges Wednesday and was then taken into federal custody and moved to Bridgeport Federal Court, where she appeared on a charge of false information and hoaxes.

She remains in custody pending a hearing on March 1.

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