Woman Adopts Granddaughter After Three Family Domestic Violence Deaths

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It has been a long journey for a West Haven woman who has lost so much.

Corrinna Martin’s two daughters and a granddaughter were victims of deadly domestic violence.

But after so much darkness comes light.

“Today just gives us a beginning. A beautiful start to a very long and tumultuous journey,” said Martin.  

Friday, her adoption of her 7-year-old granddaughter Alivia was finalized.

Alivia’s adoption was just one of the 52 emotional adoptions that took place around the state Friday.

November is National Adoption Month.

So far this year, the Department of Children and Families says more than 400 kids have found loving homes in our state.

All of the adoptions are very special, but Alivia and her grandmother’s story is an incredible one of triumph after tragedy.

Alivia exudes so much love, positivity and enthusiasm despite seeing more than most people ever will or ever should.

“After someone leaves you feel sad, but you feel still that they’re there,” explained Alivia, who was just 2 when her mom and 9-year-old sister were murdered in their Waterbury apartment.

“Every day when I look at her, Nequea will still be here and she will carry on,” said Martin, referring to Alivia’s mom Chaquinequea Brodie, who was killed in 2017.

Friday, the pair celebrated taking their next step in their journey of healing.

Friends, social workers, loved ones, even the lieutenant governor, came together in a DCF training room transformed into a party.

They watched the adoption court proceeding virtual, projected for the party-goers, which included some of Alivia’s former teachers.

After a long process, Martin says she’s officially adopted her rock—sweet Alivia.

“There are days when it’s difficult to even get my eyes open and then I get Alivia with the ‘good morning grandma,’” said Martin with a laugh.

The second grader couldn’t be any happier, or to quote her “overjoyed.”

“She’s the piece, she’s the last piece in the puzzle,” said Alivia.

With their late loves ones watching over the pair, Martin says she'll continue her work advocating against domestic violence with her sweet Alicia by her side.

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