Woman Arrested Following Confrontation at Basketball Game in West Hartford

West Hartford Police have arrested a woman after a confrontation at a middle school basketball game on Sunday night.

Police said an eighth grade travel basketball team from West Hartford was playing a travel team from East Hartford at Hall High School when the game referee made a foul call.

Officers said the call made some spectators belligerent towards the referee. A female spectator recorded the confrontation with her cell phone after the game was called, once spectators started leaving.

According to police, another female spectator, later identified as 20-year-old Marcelie Ramos, of Hartford, was walking by and became agitated about the filming. Ramos reportedly walked up to the woman and forcefully swung at and swatted the cell phone with her hands.

No injuries were reported.

Ramos is facing breach of peace charges and was released on a $2,500 bond. She was in court on Wednesday.

Police said while they were investigating this incident, the referee reported that a male spectator had verbally threatened him about a call he made during the game. The referee said the man then followed him across the court and tried to physically assault him.

That incident is still under investigation.

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