Woman Called 911, Helped Save Man Who Fell in Pond in Wolcott

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A woman is being credited with helping to save a man who fell through ice in a pond in Wolcott on Sunday after she heard him and called for help.

Police said a man decided to ride his bicycle across the pond near the town owned Mill Pond Trail.

The ice, which officers said was not even close enough to be thick enough to walk on, cracked and the man fell in.

The man was up to his shoulders and couldn't get out of the freezing water so he started calling for help, authorities said.

A woman, later identified as Karen Bosco, was walking on the trail and heard his cries for help, police added. She called 911 and police, fire and an ambulance responded.

Firefighters used special suits to rescue the man and bring him back to an ambulance that was waiting. They were also able to rescue his bike, according to police.

Police are reminding residents not to venture out onto unsafe and unchecked iced waterways, especially after the warm weather we've been having.

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