Woman Seemingly Seeking Revenge Misspells Vandalized Message on Car of Ex's Lover: Cops

Police arrested a Stamford woman who they think was seeking revenge on her ex-boyfriend and a former female friend over suspicions they were hooking up when she vandalized their cars. But she apparently misspelled "whore" in key marks on her ex-friend's car, police said.

Someone keyed the cars and punctured the tires of the ex-boyfriend and ex-friend of Shannon Csapilla, 20, of Stamford, early morning on Aug. 7, police said. She is the suspected culprit, according to police. "Wore" was scratched into her female friend's car and police presumed "h" was missing after the "w," which gave police a hint at a possible motive, police said.

Csapilla sent text messages of a harassing nature to her ex, admitting to him that she vandalized the cars at one point, police said.

She denied keying the cars and puncturing the tires when called into the police department for questioning, police said.

After meeting with police, she Snapchatted a photo of the police department with the message "Stamford police have nothing on me," according to police. Pictures disappear after a matter of seconds on the social media app, but someone who received her message told police about it.

"Unbeknownst to her, we did have enough and we obtained two arrest warrants from a judge and took her into custody at her home," Stamford Police Lt. Diedrich Hohn told the Stamford Advocate.

Stamford police charged Csapilla with two counts of first-degree criminal mischief.

Csapilla is not allowed to have contact with her ex-boyfriend or former friend while the case ongoing.

She was released after posting a $10,000 bond.

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