Woman Critically Injured in Dog Attack in New Haven

A woman was critically injured after being attacked by two dogs in New Haven Monday night.

The incident happened on Ella Grasso Boulevard around 7:45 p.m., according to the mayor's office.

A man who owned the dogs and the woman were both attacked and were taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital to be treated.

The woman suffered critical injuries, with lacerations to her legs, face, head and eyes. Neighbors who rushed to help said the scene was difficult to witness.

"The only thing I could see is blood," Brian Wingate said. "It was horrific.  By the time I got over there, the dog really, really, really mauled her."

The man received non-life threatening injuries.

A spokesman for the mayor's office initially said the dogs were pit bulls, but New Haven's animal control officer said the dogs were American bulldog mixes.

The dogs were taken to the New Haven animal shelter and placed into 14-day quarantine, according to New Haven's animal control officer.

Neither victim has been identified.

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