Mom Speaks Out About Daughter's Murder

The body of a New Britain woman was found in a wooded area off Miner Street Saturday afternoon.

On Tuesday night, a mother shared her devastation after she learned her daughter was murdered over the weekend and left on a trail in Middletown.

Investigators just identified the victim as 31 year old Diana Eichler and her killer is still out there.

"I couldn't ever imagine being in this position of having a child murdered. She's still my little girl," said Marge Eichler, Diane’s mother. "Why would someone kill her, she never harmed anybody.”

On Saturday June 16, hikers in Middletown followed a trail of blood through the woods and discovered a woman's body in a stream off Miner Street.

Police put out a picture of her tattoo, and hoped someone would know who it was. Marge Eichler saw the reports on television and started to worry.

"I somehow had an eerie feeling this was connected to us," Eichler said.

Then on Monday night, police showed up at her home.

“I said the body in the woods is my daughter and they said yes can we come in," Eichler explained.

The Middletown Medical Examiner reports that Diana Eichler died from cranial cerebral trauma, or head trauma.

Diana's family is in disbelief, especially her five year old daughter.

"She doesn't understand…I don't understand," Marge Eichler said.

Authorities spent hours searching through Diana Eichler's New Britain apartment on Tuesday night looking for clues on what led to the murder and who could have done it.

According to her mother, police told her Diana was a direct target of the crime.

"They are pretty sure it's someone she knew. They don't think she was random," Eichler said.

Diane’s mother is urging the killer to come forward and is asking for the public's help too.

"Someone has to know something no matter how small a detail it is please call police," Eichler pleaded.

Anyone with any information on this case or who happened to see Diana Eichler 48 hours before her body was found, please call Middletown Police at 860-347-6941.

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