Woman Rescues Kitten Being Plowed Into Snowbank in Meriden

The Meriden Humane Society is looking for the owner of a kitten rescued while being plowed into a snowbank near the city's courthouse during the snowstorm cleanup over the weekend. 

A woman saw a plow pushing the little feline, who the humane society is calling Adalena, into a snowbank and tried to bring it to the attention of a plow driver and police officer, but when she saw nothing was being done she ran to save the kitten from the oncoming plow, the Meriden Humane Society said on its Facebook page. 

"She was found this past weekend, while being plowed into a snowbank by our courthouse. Sadly it did not seem that anyone cared that she was there while her frail body was being pushed by a plow. Courageously a young woman saw what was happening, and tried all she could to stop the plow .. even brought it to the attention of an officer, who honestly and sadly just turned the other cheek and looked away. This young woman seeing that no one cared, raced into the oncoming plow and save this kitten from what most likely would have been the end of her life," the humane society posted on Facebook. 

Adalena is a young, spayed cat without microchip, but has a tatoo local clinics give feline's they've spayed, according to the Meriden Humane Society. 

The humane society is looking for her owner and asks the person(s) who owns Adalena to call the Meriden Humane Society at 1-203-238-3650. They are also asking people to share the post. 

"She is eating, has been seen by our vet, has a upper respirator infection from the cold she endured, but all in all she seems well. It will take her some time to get herself together, but is on the mend!" the Meriden Humane Society posted on on Facebook.

They also thanked the woman who rescued Adalena. 

"Michelle, Thank you ! For your kindness in stepping up when no others would ! For your passion for life!! Bacause Life Matters!!" the humane society posted on Facebook. "Remember guys... If you See Something!! Say Something!! and sometimes Yes, you must fight for it, save it , do whatever it takes.. Michelle we are Very Proud to call you this Felines Savior!! God Bless you! (sic)"

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