Woman Stabbed in Arm at New Haven House Party

A woman was stabbed during a house party in New Haven on Sunday morning and police are trying to identify the woman who stabbed her. 

Police were called to a 143 Blatchley Ave. at 1 a.m. to investigate the stabbing and found around 100 people at the party and a 31-year-old woman bleeding from the arm. 

Police called EMTs in to treat the victim. 

She said she spotted “Champagne” at the party and suspects the woman is having an affair with her boyfriend, police said. The women exchanged glances, but did not speak, and started fighting. The victim said “Champagne” started stabbing and cutting her. 

When she noticed she was bleeding, she backed away and collapsed, the woman told police. 

Police said “Champagne” is in her late 20s, around 5-feet-3 and weighs about 170 pounds. 

She has long straight black hair, parted in the middle and was last seen wearing white shorts and a white top. 

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