Woman Thanks Hartford 911 Dispatcher Who Helped Save Her Life

A special delivery for a 911 dispatcher in Hartford who helped save a woman's life earlier this month.

NBC Connecticut was the only station invited to the public safety complex on High Street late Friday afternoon, where the victim and dispatcher were able to meet for the very first time.  

The 44-year-old Eddie Glass was in a panic when she dialed 911 almost three weeks ago. She suffered a tremendous blood loss and might not have made it, if it weren't for the help of Katrina Edmonds.

Glass calls Edmonds: "My hero, my hero. Never had a hero and today I have a hero."

Glass brought a batch of balloons, a big cake, flowers and a warm hug for the 911 dispatcher at the Public Safety Complex.

Edmonds told NBC Connecticut, "It means a lot to me."

Edmonds answered the 911 call Glass made a few weeks ago from Holcomb Street in Hartford.

Edmond remembers the call verbatim, " How afraid she was and first thing she said was 'please help me.'

Glass said, "I was scared-- really scared. I thought it was my time."

Eddie suffered a large blood loss. She has a fibroid the size of a cantaloupe that will need to be removed. She tells NBC Connecticut that it was Katrina who kept her calm.

Glass added, "Her voice kept me going."

Edmonds reiterated, "The most important thing, placing myself in her shoes, if I was home alone is the fact I would want that care."

Hartford's is the busiest dispatch center in the state. 160,000 calls answers in 2015.

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