Woodbridge Police Warn of Bobcat Sightings

Woodbridge police have received several reports of bobcat sightings in town and they are urging residents to keep themselves and their pets away from the animals. 

Police said they have received reports of bobcats on Rimmon, Peck Hill and Newton roads.  

If you see a bobcat. protect children and pets, back away slowly and deliberately and, if you can, make a lot of noise to scare the animal away. 

Laurie Rosenbaum, of Woodbridge, said she's taking precaution, but also watching to see if she can see the striking creatures for herself. 

“It would be kind of cool to see one, I think, but maybe from a distance,” she said.

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If you see a bobcat that appears to be sick or injured, or that is roaming an area frequented by humans, call Woodbridge police at (203) 387-2511.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Wildlife Division also records bobcat sightings. You can report bobcat sightings to the Wildlife Division at deep.wildlife@ct.gov or by calling 860-424-3011. Provide our name and contact information, as well as the date, location, and time of sighting.

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