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Woodbridge Tech Support Company 3-D Printing Face Shields for First Responders

NBC Connecticut

“These machines are pretty much running 24/7,” Yaron Baitch with Sunset Technologies said.

As personal protective equipment remains scarce, a Woodbridge tech support company is filling in the gaps.

“We started asking people if they wanted them and the response was overwhelming,” Baitch said.

Baitch says his company typically uses its 3-D printers for product engineering for medical and dental businesses, but now all seven of them are working around the clock to make face shields for first responders.

“They’re showing up at an incident with really no information aside from what somebody called in,” Baitch said.

Baitch says by the end of this week, the printers will have cranked out 1,000 face shields. On Friday 500 of those went to Connecticut State Police.

“These are the heroes that are behind those supporting us and we can’t do our jobs without these sort of people so we’re so grateful for that,” TFC Christine Jeltema said.

The shields will be worn by troopers responding to medical calls like cardiac arrest or opioid overdose.

“We need to keep our troopers safe, our troopers are working very hard they still have families at home,” Jeltema said.

State Police say they respond to around 10,000 medical calls a year and the need for PPE is great.

The 500 face shields will be distributed to state troopers starting next week.

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