Teen Takes on Teen Speeding

Most people have sped at one time or another and some even do it all the time, but a Woodbridge teenager is hoping he can get people to think twice before putting the pedal to the metal.

"Now, I don't speed anymore because I've thought it through and think it's something I don't want to be doing. It's not a risk I want to take," Jake Honig said.

Honig came to that realization about nine months ago after getting a speeding ticket.  Only a few months prior to that, two students in his school were killed in a car accident.

"Everyone was crying. Half the teachers had to leave because they were too upset and people, we didn't do anything in any of our classes and whole day just stopped," he said.That got Honig thinking, what could he do to stop teen speeding?

"They know speeding is dangerous, but they do it anyway," said Honig.

So he produced a documentary on the topic, entitled "Invincible."

"I'm encouraged that somebody of his youth has the insight that he has shown in taking this issue on," Dr. John Brady, Superintendent of Amity Regional Schools, said.

The superintendent said the documentary has really had an impact on the kids.

"I think kids listen to kids to a degree beyond what they listen to adults," he said. “We've had our proms, but we haven't had our graduation and this is the time of year that adults, parents and school people are a little extra-vigilant and a little extra-nervous about what's going on, on the roadways and elsewhere.”

Honig said he doesn't think teen speeding will stop altogether. He just hopes to get other kids to think twice before they do.

"You just have to realize your life is really, really unique and you can't risk it on something like speeding, something that is easy not to do," he said.

Honig will attend NYU film school next fall. 

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