Woody's Hot Dog Joint Closing After Over 40 Years

Woody’s, an iconic hot dog joint in Hartford, is closing its doors after more than four decades.

The business, named for its owners Gary and Cindy Wood and located at 915 Main Street in Hartford, was opened in 1977. Its walls are decorated with all manner of sports memorabilia that celebrate the Miami Dolphins.

The restaurant confirmed on Facebook that it would be closing at the end of February and selling that memorabilia.

Cindy told NBC Connecticut that they made the decision because it's really time for her and her husband to take a step back and enjoy the results of their hard work.

I have customers that I have their grandchildren that come to me now, and they are customers that Gary and I genuinely we love them, I mean really really we love them. It’s just been a great experience to be in our community with our people and just be able to share that with them and try to do the best for them we’ve always tried to do," Cindy said.

Woody’s is a popular spot known for its variety of offerings including toppings from basics like mustard and relish to heavier options like bacon and cheese, sauerkraut and swiss cheese, chili, and even peppers and mozzarella cheese with marinara sauce. 

Man vs. Food once made the trip and indulged in the famous Deputy Dog, which is covered in barbeque pulled pork and cheese.

The couple does plan to take on some catering opportunities, but the immediate plan after closing is to take their first vacation in ten years.

Enjoy some of the best hot dogs around.
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