Work of Windsor Students to be Used on International Space Station

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The work of a group of Windsor High School students is headed to outer space - literally. 

Thursday former students from the school’s career and technical education program were honored for their design work on a tape dispenser and seat track attachment that will be used on the International Space Station.

The project came to life through a partnership between the high school and NASA Hunch, which partners with kids across the country to design real hardware intended for space.  The design of the Windsor group is special because it will actually be used by the space program. Windsor’s name is listed on the technical drawing of the design, the first time such a distinction has been made for a high school in the program. 

 The program teacher Dustin Ricci says this kind of hands-on learning is the best way to connect with students. 

“It’s everything we want in education.  We want the kids to drive what they’re doing in the classroom” he said. 

Malachi Campbell was on the design team and is taking what he learned at Windsor into a career.  He’s now studying aerospace engineering as a student at Manchester Community College.  

“That definitely made me understand that engineering is my passion.  I like seeing things be made, manufactured and put into space.  That’s one of the things that really inspired me” said Campbell. 

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