Workers Brave Brutal Cold

Workers in Connecticut are undeterred by brutal cold, braving the elements to get the job done no matter the weather.

Even with the temperatures well below freezing, the food carts were out by Yale-New Haven Hospital serving up lunch like they do every day.

“We're working a little bit harder outside here,” said Siad Lifhil with Ali Baba’s Fusion.

Some food servers were lucky enough to be enclosed inside their food trucks. Others had to come up with their own methods of keeping warm, like putting tarps over their carts.

The servers were just some of the workers who have to be outside no matter what the thermometer says. On cold days, Middletown-based company Mack Fire Protection receives a higher volume of calls about freezing vehicles.

“You just pretty much try to stay as warm as possible and struggle through the day,” explained Mack Fire Protection employee Chris Cibula.

Construction workers at the corner of Crown and College Streets in New Haven are struggling through the icy temperatures as well, because the masonry work hasn't stopped.

“Today is probably as bad as it gets. It's brutal. Brutally cold, and you're crazy for being out here working," said Randy Cianci with Ronnie DeMeo Construction. "I've been out here for 21 years and I never remember it being this cold for so long in the winter.”

Cianci said he wears layers and takes breaks if he gets too cold.

“The advice is layer up, even some of the uniform requirements are forgiven as officers will try to make sure they are warm to be able to protect and serve,” said New Haven police spokesman Officer Dave Hartman.

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