World War II Veteran Reflects on Her Service, Her Country

Julia Lempeck is a World War II veteran, and the epitome of a proud American.

So much so that the 101-year-old wanted to see the flag waving in the breeze in her front yard when she looked out the window.

House of Heroes Connecticut made that happen for her this past spring.

“I’m very happy about it. I see a beautiful flagpole and a nice new flag that’s beautiful,” Lempeck said.

NBC Connecticut caught up with Lempeck again at the Elks Lodge in Manchester Thursday. She was joined by many other veterans representing every war since World War II, all sharing memories, celebrating the holidays together and marking the fact that it’s been 100 years since women have been allowed to enlist.

“I signed up because I wanted to serve my country,” Lempeck explained.

And serve she did, along with some of her siblings.

“I lost a brother in France,” she told NBC Connecticut.

Lempeck’s job was in administration. She prepared men, like her brothers, to go overseas to fight on the front lines. Her husband was also a veteran, though that’s not all they shared. They built a family home together.

Her daughter Eileen Keefer said there’s nothing her mother can’t do.

“She has the strongest will, and is the most independent person out of all of us,” Keefer said.

Lempeck still lives alone and looks at the flag she loves every single day. Many years have passed and life has certainly changed, but how she feels about her country has not.

“It’s the best one in the world,” she said as she laughed.

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