Ted Kennedy Jr., Says Public Office Isn't For Him – For Now

Ted Kennedy Jr., a New Haven attorney and resident of Branford, attended the state AFL-CIO convention in New Haven Wednesday morning for a tribute to Kennedy's late father, Sen. Edward Kennedy, who died last month after battling brain cancer. 

The convention called Senator Kennedy "labor's champion," a man dedicated to the labor movement and improving the lives of working families.

In an interview with NBC Connecticut, Ted Kennedy Jr., said that while he has thought about a career in politics, running for his father's seat, or any other political office, does not feel right at this point in his life. 

He said that for he and his wife, Kiki, raising their two children is their number one priority.  But he also said this is not a now-or-never time in his life and that he's got a lot to give back.  And so, Kennedy said, we'll have to see what happens in the future.

He also said no one in his family expected the kind of outpouring, affection, and gratitude that they saw immediately after his father's death. 

"We were just completely amazed and it was an incredible emotional experience," Kennedy said."

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