Robber Picks Wrong ‘Pissed Off' Victim

Sometimes it just isn't your day, even if you're a criminal. Eddys Marte, 25, of Waterbury found that out the hard way when he tried to rob a man Tuesday night, police said.

The troubles began, police said, when Marte followed Robert Dwyer, 53, home after Dwyer took money out of an ATM and pulled a gun. 

"He says, 'This is a robbery,' and he pulls out the 9 mm," Dwyer told the Waterbury Republican-American.  

The problem for Marte is that Dwyer is a Department of Correction counselor for the state and a firearms instructor for the Department of Justice. He was also an Army K-9 handler. In all, he has 28 years in the justice profession and knows guns.

Oh, by the way, Dwyer has also been trained in disarming people with firearms. That's just what he did.

"I was a little pissed off that he was bringing his garbage to my front yard," Dwyer told the newspaper.

He said he thought about his family inside their home and was concerned for their safety the whole time.


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