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Yale New Haven Health Employees to Receive COVID-19 Recognition Award

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Yale New Haven Health announced their employees will receive a “COVID-19 Recognition Award” for all the hard work and long hours their staff has put in during the coronavirus pandemic.

The award will be 5% of earnings associated with the total hours worked starting the beginning of the calendar year to the beginning of May.

"This COVID-19 Recognition Award reflects our philosophy to reward exemplary performance and acknowledges that by working together and in partnership across the Health System, our System staff are doing a remarkable job addressing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic," said hospital officials in a statement.

The payment will be made to full-time, part-time, and casual status staff, and managers. Leaders at the director level and above are not eligible for this award.

Many of the hospital's staff have taken on extra shifts, covered shifts at other hospitals, or have temporarily assumed different roles based on their background and skills, according to Mark D'Antonio, spokesperson for the hospital.

Hospital officials went on to say, "In every situation, you have stepped forward and in the true definition of a hero, rushed toward the challenge, not away from it. Our patients and your colleagues appreciate it, and as your leaders, we could not be more grateful."

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