Yale, Quinnipiac Leaders Top Compensation List

High education is paying off for some local college presidents.

The Chronicle of Higher Education dug through IRS filings and found that 30 leaders of private colleges earned more than $1 million, including two in Connecticut.

The Huffington Post obtained the data, which shows that Quinnipiac University president John Lahey is the third highest paid president, earning $1,845,427. Yale University president Richard Levin came in seventh, earning $1,530,008.

R. Gerald Turner, of Southern Methodist University, is the highest paid, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. He earned $2,774,000 and university officials told the publication that Turner's compensation was higher than usual because he cashed out a life-insurance policy and bought his own policy. That accounted for $1.5-million of his pay.

Most college leaders earned between $200,000 and $599,000.

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