Yale “Scouting” Author Remains a Mystery

Whoever wrote the e-mail ranking freshman women at Yale University based on how many beers it would take to find them attractive, we might never know.

The Yale College Dean's Office has come to a dead end in its investigation of the "Preseason Scouting Report" e-mail, Yale College Dean Mary Miller told the Yale Daily News.

The message began circulating around campus last week.  It listed the names, hometowns and residential colleges of 53 freshman women at Yale, including a ranking system on their appearance as well as some vulgar comments.

Yale Information Technology Services and even the Yale Police Department have been looking into the origin of the e-mail, but have come up empty, the Daily News report.  The e-mail was originally sent from an anonymous account, but the school says if new leads arise, they could seek disciplinary action against whoever is responsible.

“I wouldn’t say that the case is closed,” Miller told the paper.

But some of the women who were listed in the e-mail feel Yale could be doing more. 

“I think it’s a bit disappointing,” Brenna Hughes Neghaiwi told the Yale Daily News. She believes many students who received the e-mail know the identity of its writer.

“I just wish there would be some more definitive action behind it,” she said.

Neghaiwi wrote an op-ed piece in Monday's Yale Daily News denouncing the e-mail, but says she has no plans to file a complaint against the email's author. 

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