New York

Yale University Commencement Events Underway in New Haven

Thousands of proud parents flooded the streets of New Haven on Monday to watch their sons and daughters graduate from Yale University.

“Oh, it’s amazing. It’s a dream come true,” said Steve Rice, who traveled from Phoenix, Arizona, along with other relatives from New York and Georgia.

The graduates were beaming with pride at all they accomplished.

“It’s great. I’ve been here 5 years finishing up my BHD. Now I have a doctorate and I’m moving on from here,” said Alexander Engler, a graduate from Boston. Engler studied biomedical engineering. He was selected to carry the banner of the graduate school and lead the graduates through the old campus.

Throughout the day of commencement events, local businesses experienced a big boost. It was hectic for shop owners who love the extra business, but also hate saying goodbye to their loyal customers.

“The staff has created bonds with the customers who have been here for the last three or four years. So it’s kind of mixed feelings. Happy for them because they’re graduating and just taking another course of their lives, their professional lives, but also sad because we’re not going to see them anymore,” said Sebastian Torres, the manager of Atticus Bookstore Café.

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