You Can Donate Blood After Receiving the COVID Vaccine

NBC Universal, Inc.

There has been a recent dip in blood donations in Connecticut, according to Peter Boucher, an account manager for the American Red Cross.

With more people available for the COVID-19 vaccine, Boucher is wondering if that is contributing to the decrease in donations. His message is that you don’t have to wait to donate.

“As long as they are feeling fine and there are no symptoms, they could get their shot in the morning and donate in the afternoon,” said Boucher.

At blood drives, donors will go through the same safety precautions they have for months, like answering a few COVID-related screening questions and having their temperature taken. All of the equipment is being sanitized between donors and Red Cross employees are wearing gloves and masks.

Unfortunately, a donor’s blood is not more valuable if they were vaccinated, but it can be more valuable if the donor recently recovered from COVID.  

“What we’re looking for is people who have previously had COVID and have a high titer of antibody. Those are the individuals where we can possibly use their plasma for convalescent plasma,” Boucher said.

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