You Don't Need Two for Tea in Blue Back

There is something mystical and calming about watching someone get tea ready. Real tea, not the stuff that comes in individually wrapped bags. This staple of Asian culture had come to West Hartford with a new teashop, the Green Tea House. 

Whether you’re a tea genius, of have no clue about the difference between green tea and oolong, this is an opportunity to learn about while leaving the white gloves and big hats at home.   

Green Tea House, at 40-42 Isham Road in Blue Back Square, features more than 100 types and flavors of tea. But it’s not just about the leaves, it’s also about the merchandise.

It’s a family-owned tea store in China and this is the first shop in the United States, so you’re sure to get an authentic feel of Asian culture and tea practices. The shop will also hold frequent high tea ceremonies, focusing on Asian heritage of tea serving and drinking.

Ting Chaponis opened the shop, which will also sell Chinese artworks, silk table runners and other decorative furnishings so you can create an Asian tea experience in your home.

The store’s mission is to “inspire well being, extending the real beauty and sharing the tea culture,” according to the company’s Web site.

While this is the newest teashop in the area, it’s not the only one. Teavana is open at Westfarms mall and sells tea and merchandise. The samples are a nice treat as you’re shopping.  And there are a handful of tearooms across the state. Check out the tea guide to find one near you.

If you head over to Green Tea House, let us know what you think. 

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