You'd Better Use That Pen Until It's Dry

Gov. Jodi Rell, facing a growing budget hole, ordered all state agencies Tuesday to stop buying things.  A purchasing freeze is in effect on goods and items until at least the end of the fiscal year, June 30. 

Anything other than items "absolutely and immediately essential to the operations of state agencies" is off limits.

That would amount to large savings, said her press release:

  • $3.23 million in paper, toner cartridges, folders, pens and other office supplies;
  • $1.1 million in cleaning products, hand tools, hardware and other industrial supplies;
  • $362,000 in fax machines, printers and canceling preventive maintenance;
  • $70,000 in outerwear and uniforms.

Her Department of Administrative Services has begun renegotiating some contracts, saving 20 percent on the cost of shredding services.

Continuing her analogy that we're like one big family, she said, "Families cannot raise taxes on someone to pay their bills and neither should state government.  Instead, we must continue to find ways to make our government less costly."

One highlighter at a time.


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