Youth Employment Key in Both Segarra and Bronin Campaigns

Both candidates running for the highest office in Connecticut's capital city see a similar way to improve conditions for city youths.

Mayor Pedro Segarra and challenger Luke Bronin both discussed their proposals Wednesday aimed at boosting city-sponsored youth employment.

"I would like to give a job to every young person who wants to work for the summer," said Segarra.

The mayor said he wants to see a year-round employment program for students.

"What we’re doing now is rather than this just being during the summer, we’re starting a yearlong internship in which we can keep them connected," he said.

Bronin, who just last week picked up the endorsement of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee, was critical of Segarra, accusing him of proposing a cut to the same youth summer program that he said he wants to expand.

He said Segarra's proposal is too little, too late.

"I’m glad that he wants to do it. I’m thrilled that he wants to do it. I wish he had done it already," Bronin said during a campaign event at El Mercado on Park Street in Hartford.

Bronin has proposed a youth service corps that would provide year-round employment to Hartford kids.

"Look at what Waterbury did," Bronin said. "Last winter they had kids helping to dig out the driveways of seniors and there's no reason why we can't do that in Hartford."

The primary to decide the Democratic nominee is in six weeks.

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