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Florida Store Owner: Don't Warm Urine in My Microwave



    New Rule: No Pee in Florida Gas Station Microwave

    Florida gas station owner posts sign asking people not to use microwave to warm up containers of urine in an effort to curb disturbing trend. WTLV's Eric Alvarez reports. (Published Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018)

    A Florida gas station owner has placed a sign in his store asking customers not to warm urine in the microwave.

    Parul Patel says he's become "sick and tired" of people walking into his BP gas station and On the Fly convenience store in Jacksonville to warm their containers of urine. The store is within walking distance of two labs that offer drug testing services and collect urine samples.

    Patel tells First Coast News the people who used his microwave to warm urine "walk in off the street, microwave their urine containers then leave."

    He says a woman became aggressive a few months ago when he asked her not to warm urine. She asked to see a sign that says it's not for that purpose. So he made one.