Giant Wad of Crumpled Cash Found on Wall Street

A giant wad of crumpled cash was found on Wall Street, and there is no way it fell out of someone's pocket.

The car-sized wadded-up $1 bill popped up in the Financial District over the weekend, an impromptu installation by Iranian art duo known as ICY and SOT.

"We felt it was good timing because of Trump's tax cut. It's not fair that the wealthy people are going to get to benefit but middle class working people not. Most likely, Trump's tax cut winner would be Wall Street, the heart of capitalism," the brothers said.

The artists, brothers living in Brooklyn, said they only placed the giant wad of money on Wall Street temporarily to take photos of it and that they hadn't done anything illegal.

Giant Wad of Cash Photo @icyandsot

To the artists, the crumpled dollar bill represents both the greed and volatility of capitalism.

ICY and SOT’s work can be found in galleries in the U.S., China, Germany and other locations around the world.