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Huge Arsenal of Weapons Found at Home of NY Pizza Delivery Man With a Grudge: Police

Police said he'd left six "threatening" messages on the high school's voicemail



    Pizza Delivery Man With Cache of Weapons Had 'Grudge'

    Police say Robert Csak was holding a grudge for 16 years and threatened to act on it. Rana Novini reports. (Published Sunday, April 15, 2018)

    An arsenal of illegal guns -- including assault weapons and a silencer -- have allegedly been found in the sparsely furnished New York apartment of a pizza delivery man who police say was harboring a grudge.

    Suffolk County Police Chief Stuart Cameron said cops went to the Lindenhurst, Long Island, home of Robert Csak, 32, on Saturday night to do a welfare check. Earlier that day another police department had advised the Long Island officers that Csak left "threatening" messages on the voicemail system of his former high school.

    When his landlord opened the door, police were met with a pile of weapons in an apartment otherwise furnished with only a mattress and a plastic chair.

    See It: Police Seize Huge Stash of Weapons From NY ManSee It: Police Seize Huge Stash of Weapons From NY Man

    Among the arsenal: nine illegal guns, assault weapons, hundreds of high capacity magazines, a silencer and a bump stock -- an attachment that makes a semi-automatic weapon shoot nearly as fast as fully-automatic machine guns.

    “This is by far the most alarming threat we’ve seen," Cameron said. ”There’s many commonalities between his behavior and the behavior of mass shooters."

    Concerns had been raised about Csak after he left a message for a staff member at Summit School in Nyack. Cameron said Csak felt slighted by the staff member he left a message for, and was carrying a grudge.

    Robert Csak mug shot.
    Photo credit: Suffolk County Police

    Clarkstown Police said a 45-year-old school employee reported getting six messages on the school's voicemail from Csak, and he was concerned for the safety of the students.

    Csak attended the school for teens with learning and emotional difficulties in 2002. 

    “We really never know what we averted, but if you look at all those weapons you know there was a lot of potential here," Chief of Detectives Gerard Gigante said.

    Csak was arrested Saturday night and will face numerous weapons charges. Attorney information was not available for Csak. He's due to be arraigned Monday.


    19 various firearms, including 1 tactical shotgun, 1 Tommy gun and more than 200 high-capacity magazines

    1 bump stock (used to create an automatic weapon out of a semi-automatic weapon)

    1 cross bow

    Night vision goggles

    1 silencer

    Bulletproof vests

    Gas masks


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