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Security Guard Wins $3M on Lunch Break Lottery Ticket

He bought the ticket at a pizza shop on 48th Street



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    A Rockefeller Center security guard who bought a scratch-off lottery ticket on his lunch break won the $3 million jackpot.

    Lottery officials said Rafik Sulaiman, a 58-year-old father of three and immigrant from Guyana, bought the $10 ticket from a vending machine at a Pronto Pizza on 48th Street.

    He is one of eight winners who were presented with prizes by New York Lottery representatives on Thursday.

    Sulaiman said he bought the only ticket in the vending machine and took it back to work, where he scratched it off to find he had won the jackpot.

    "I went back to the guy to verify," he said.

    Sulaiman, who lives in Astoria, finished his work day and went home as usual.

    He said he has not decided what he will do with his winnings, a lump sum payment of more than $1.5 million. He isn't quitting his job, though.

    "I'm just going to hang low," he said.