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Teen Makes $1 Million in Sales With Custom Sock Business

Making custom-printed socks takes up a lot of 17-year-old Brennan Agranoff's life these days. The Sherwood, Oregon, teen is busy running HoopSwagg. It's a business he started at 13 years old.

Agranoff has juggled running the business, with school, sports and friends.

"I definitely have a busy life," Agranoff said. "I do all the designs, we have over 500 different designs."

It seems there's a design for just about everyone.

"These are our goat farm socks. These are one of our top sellers," said Agranoff. "These are my actual goats. So that's really cool to see our goats being sent all over the world."

HoopSwagg hit a milestone in 2016. 

"Last year we did a million in sales. So that was really exciting for me at age 17 to say, I can do a million in sales. That was a big accomplishment for me," Agranoff said.