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Rare Thundersnow Phenomenon Heard Across New York Area

Thundersnow, simply put, is a thunderstorm accompanied by snow instead of rain



    Thundersnow! See and Hear the Rare Phenomenon

    Thundersnow as captured by residents in Staten Island; Park Slope, Brooklyn; and Lumberton, New Jersey during the nor'easter Wednesday.

    (Published Thursday, March 8, 2018)

    The second nor'easter to pummel the tri-state area in the last week is bringing less ferocious winds, but a fairly rare -- and apparently very, very exciting -- weather phenomenon: thundersnow. 

    Thundersnow, simply put, is a thunderstorm with snow instead of rain. Shallow layers of unstable air create enhanced upward motion, increasing snow growth and creating enough electric charge separation for lightning. Hail is also possible in thundersnow scenarios. 

    Twitter erupted with comments from people who heard booms of thunder as snow intensified in New York and New Jersey shortly after noon Wednesday. (We even saw it here at NBC 4 New York's offices just about 1:15 p.m.)

    Watch: Thundersnow Accidentally Captured on VideoWatch: Thundersnow Accidentally Captured on Video

    Candice Baker captured this thunder as she was watching the snow fall in Staten Island by the St. George Ferry Terminal Wednesday. 

    (Published Wednesday, March 7, 2018)

    Some described it as sounding like an explosion. Others said they thought it was a plow crashing. Still others reported seeing lightning as well.

    Did you hear it? Get it on some of the fun below.