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Hit the Road Jack: Uber to Boot Riders From App If They Repeatedly Misbehave

Uber said it will give riders several opportunities to improve their rating before they're kicked off the app



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    FILE - In this May 10, 2019, photo, a banner for Uber is draped on the front of the New York Stock Exchange before the world's largest ride-hailing service holds its initial public offering.

    If you misbehave repeatedly while getting a ride from Uber, you could get booted off the app.

    The company said that starting Wednesday, riders with a rating from drivers that's significantly below average could lose their ability to ride.

    But before that happens they'll get tips on how to improve ratings by being polite, not leaving trash in vehicles and not asking the driver to violate the speed limit. Uber says they'll get several chances to improve their rating before getting the boot.

    Uber already expects drivers to meet a minimum rating that varies by city. It expects only a small number of people to lose the ability to ride.

    It's all part of Uber simplifying is behavior guidelines, which came out in 2016.

    Starting with the U.S. and Canada, riders will see a summary of the guidelines and be asked to confirm that they understand them.

    "By educating customers and partners about the Community Guidelines, asking them to confirm they understand, and holding everyone accountable, we can help ensure Uber is welcoming and safe for all," Kate Parker, head of safety brand and initiatives, said in a statement.