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A Radio Host Was Shocked to Get a Pardon, Because He Never Asked for One

Gary Hendler filed a pardon application with the Obama Justice Department but had no inkling that his name had crossed Trump's desk

Gary Hendler
Ken Keagy

A Pennsylvania radio host said he was shocked to see his name among the final batch of people granted pardons and commutations by President Donald Trump in the waning hours of his time in office, NBC News reports.

And with good reason: Gary Hendler, 67, never actually requested one from the 45th president.

Hendler did, however, send a nearly 90-page pardon application to the Obama Justice Department in 2016 for a drug conspiracy charge in 1984 related to his brief involvement in opening a quaaludes clinic in Philadelphia. And while Obama granted some form of clemency to 1,927 people by the end of his second term, Gary was not among them.

Before his conviction, Hendler had already entered rehab and was turning his life around. He went on help others recover and launched a radio show, "Clean and Sober Radio," which features musicians, athletes and political figures who discuss their battles with substance abuse.

Gary said he broke down in tears when he saw his name on the pardon list Wednesday morning. "I couldn't believe it," he said.

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