Afghanistan Getting Its Own Version of “The Office”

Ever wonder what the cubicle antics of Dunder Mifflin would be like if it were set in Kabul, Afghanistan instead of Scranton, Pennsylvania? Well, now's your chance.

Afghanistan's largest TV network, Tolo TV, has produced its own version of "The Office" entitled "The Ministry." The series takes the same mock-documentary approach, but this version focuses on the inner workings of the Ministry of Garbage.

There are lazy employees, incompetent managers, and disgruntled drones, just like both the U.S. and UK versions of the series. One notable difference, however, is that the Afghan version will take on bigger issues than stolen staplers (although it does have that) - like government corruption and drug trafficking (wouldn't you just love to see Dwight Schrute tackle some of these issues?).

Tolo has released a trailer for the series, where we are introduced to Dawlat, the Afghan equivalent of Michael Scott and David Brent.

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